Another Level! Slot Machine goes to another level with their first online concert

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The SoundBox Online project has kicked off in spectacular fashion with Thailand's number one rock band Slot Machine blowing everyone away with their blistering virtual live concert. With the band in full flight, and featuring state-of-the-art graphic design, Slot Machine “Chan Chao 10th Anniversary” Virtual Live From The Moon, held by BEC-Tero Entertainment, PM Center, and JOOX, was truly a performance to remember.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Saturday 18 July live show kicked off with the iconic “Chan Chao” (Goodbye) and had fans singing along even if they were on the other side of the screen. With crystal clear sound, the amazing visual effects and graphics had the audience impressed from the very beginning. It’s no overstatement to say that Slot Machine truly took their fans to the moon just as they had promised. The compelling performance continued with “Suan Dokmai” (Sound of Silence) and “Phra Athit Songklot” (Golden Age), and a setlist that included favourites from the album Cell that fans had been missing like “Ratri Rai Nam” and “Pluto Thirak” (The Plutonian).

The band didn’t hold back as they launched into songs from their upcoming album, including “4th Kind” and “Siren Song”, before closing the first act with a rousing version of new single “Know Your Enemy”. The band then had a lively chat with lucky fans via video calls during intermission, before resuming. In their second set they performed hits including “Ro” (I'm Waiting For You), “Kham Sutthai” (Song for U), “Bang Sing”, “Reu Du” (Grey Sky), “Kloem” before finishing with fan favourite “Phan” (Yesterday).

Slot Machine again showed that they continue to take new challenges with their music and have now set a new standard for online concerts, embracing the possibilities available with virtual technology and delivering something that can't be done with regular concerts.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming editions of SoundBox OnlineMax Jenmana Live...Nowhere Nowhere It's Just a Matter of Spacing on Friday 24 July.

Twopee Southside Presents "SouthSide Ambassador Virtual Live on Sunday 26 July.

Ticket prices are Bt499 and available now at all ThaiTicketMajor outlets or visit For more information, call 0-2262-3838. Stay up to date at, Facebook at, Twitter @BEC_Tero_Ent or Instagram @BECTERO_ENTERTAINMENT.

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