60 Miles


The five members of 60Miles have gone way beyond that milestone, exceeding their own and others’ expectations. All the band members are alumni of Payup University: Berm (guitar), Fluke (vocals), Peet
(keyboards), Dom (bass) and Beam (drums).

They have been friends since kindergarten and finally decided to form a band while in lower secondary school. By the age of 15, they had participated in countless music contests together.

The band’s members changed a few times along the way before they eventually became 60 Miles. Their career started when they played at a famous nightclub in Chiang Mai, Warm Up. Soon after, they were signed by BEC-Tero Music.

One of the band’s most distinguishable qualities is their teamwork. They all work together in order to make music for everyone to enjoy. Their first album, The First Mile, was released in 2011. The singles, ‘Wetmon’, ‘Kum Wa Sia Jai’ and ‘Jakkawan’ gained the band some recognition. Two years later in 2013, they released their second studio album, Milestone.

Their first single from the album was ‘Star’ and the song’s original arrangement still sticks in the mind and highlights the musical skills of each member of the band.

Their success grew with the release of their second single, ‘Hak Chan Tai’ which garnered over 100 million views on YouTube. 2016 is set to be a year of big and new challenges for the band – they’re set to release their new album soon and are set to continue wherever their musical journey takes them.

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