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Information - Miss Thailand World
1. Thai national who was born in Thailand or is a nationalized citizen of Thailand holding a valid passport of Thailand
2. Born female
3. 165 cm or taller
4. Between the ages of 17 (on the application date) and 24 (on 31 December 2013)
5. Positive personality, good manners, sense of humor, wisdom, friendly demeanor, beauty
6. Single / having never been married by law or by any culture or otherwise in Thailand or abroad / having never had any child or been pregnant before or during Miss World 2013 pageant including during the performance of duties for any title received from Miss Thailand World pageant (if obtaining so)
7. No criminal record / never partaken in inappropriate activity (such as modeled for pornographic publications) / has never partaken in any form of public broadcasting that may tarnish the image of Miss Thailand World or any title received from the pageant
8. having graduated with Grade 12 or higher
9. In good heath / is not infected with contagious diseases or beauty-related diseases
10. being able to communicate fluently in Thai and English
11. having residence in Thailand
12. not being prohibited the entry to the United Kingdom or England as well as any other country where Miss World 2012 Pageant will take place
13. never represented Thailand or any other country in any international beauty contest
14. having no contract or commitment with any person or entity, which may cause (i) a difficulty in the competition of Miss Thailand World or Miss World or any other pageant that I may have been assigned; or (ii) a difficulty of the performance of duties if obtaining any title in such pageant; or (iii) a conflict with any subsequent contracts or terms if obtaining any title therefrom.



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