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History of Miss Thailand World

             In 1951 Eric Morley had been working for the Mecca Group for almost five years. It had been, in many ways, a tough time for everyone; the Second World War had ended only six years previously, but Eric had the foresight to see the new mood of optimism that was starting to sweep the country.
At the time, he was managing the Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand and, when it was announced that the Festival of Britain was being held on the South Bank, just across the Thames, he began to wonder how he could capitalise on this huge event which was taking place virtually on his doorstep.
He realised that the answer was simple - he would encourage visitors to the Festival of Britain, to cross Waterloo Bridge, by hosting a beauty contest at his dancehall.

             Not just any old beauty contest though; this competition had to be on par with the celebrations taking place on the South Bank and so he came up with the ambitious idea of finding the most beautiful woman in the world.
And so Miss World was born. A competition that has grown into one of the world's biggest and most loved events.

Beauty with purpose
             Miss World has established over 150 million foundations to help children around the world. The foundations provide financial support to other organisations include Nelson Mandela Trust and Variety Clubs International. Miss World’s Beauty with Purpose has been developed by Julia Morley for over 25 years.

Miss Thailand World
             In 2001, BEC-Tero Entertainment was awarded the rights to host the Miss Thailand World pageant. It was the beginning of the modern era of Miss Thailand World.
Eighteen pageants participated in a performance called Quest for the Crown which its three show themes included, Land, Water and Air. It featured action scenes of beautiful women perusing the crown on motorcycles, speed boats, jet skis and a helicopter. The competition also included talent shows, answering questions and Lada Aengchawadechasilp who stood out most in all contests was crowned Miss Thailand World 2011.

              In 2002, Miss Thailand World doubled its glamour into the competition under the concept of "Style and Fashion". The event organisers uniquely combined entertainment, fashion and music and blended them harmonically into the changing surface of the modern world. “Ticha Luengpairoj” was crowned Miss Thailand World 2002
             In 2003, Miss Thailand World aimed to select the most outstanding woman who processes great personality and intelligence to succeed the prestigious crown. That year, former Miss Thailand World winners included Metinee Kingpayom; Miss Thailand World 1992, Sirinya Burbridge; Miss Thailand World 1996, Lada Aengchawadechasilp; Miss Thailand World 2001 and Ticha Luengpairoj; Miss Thailand World 2002, were named Miss Thailand World 2003 ambassadors. Janejira Gerdprasop, the beautiful Thai National archery athlete was crowned Miss Thailand World 2003.

             In 2004, the event gracefully combined Thainess into oriental uniqueness. Three stage performances that stunned the audiences around the country included: Colour of Asia, Colour of Entertainment and Colour of Night. Nikallaya Abdul Dulaya, the southern beauty, was crowned Miss Thailand World 2004.



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